Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Black femdom ebony foot fetish

Watch closely footboy, these hypnotic ebony feet will seduce you into a trance of erotic exstacy. Blood red passion nylon pantyhose encasing a beautiful size 9 maniqured foot of onyx painted toes, your heart races with fire and strong desire to worship and spoil. I am the searched for elite dominatrix black femdom foot fetish model SpoiledBlackPrincess Simone worldly known all over the world by sole suckers. Feast your eyes and beg to get trampled upon by these gorgeous wrinkled sexy black feet boy. Suck them, rub, lick and put them in your mouth as the pretty black girl of your wetdreams uses you anyway she see fits. Resisting a dominant powerful seductress such as myself is impossible. I assure you I will have my way one way or another no matter how hard you try. You feel so guilty not to pull out your wallet and you dont why. No need to worry about that. Just live the adventure! Allow youselves to go deeper into a hypnotic foot spell until your brain turns into mush. I am so beautiful that you are unable to say no which means I shall control you flawlessly.

Does that little dick get hard when you stare at these attractive peds in pumps? Perhaps its the nylons that enhances your juice-balls to potentially release. Right at that moment is where I find your weakness in refusing to reject my greedy consumptions of online financial domination. I want everthing these pretty black eyes view because I am a polished prized Princess and I deserve nothing but the best from serious and quality slaves. Many my believe that a bitch like me ought to get up and get a job just like any hard working citizen but I dont work for money, bitches like you do that type of laboring to support my needs wants and desires. I am too gorgeous to break a nail and work a sweat at an 8 hour shift. Still think I need to work? Well then, I shall tell you that your time here in reading this blog is worthless for couldnt care a west bubble hell about what you think. At this point you are thinking about self gradification and theres only 1 dominant character that can pimp this shit in the game. ME! Step aside or get your ass to spoiling in order to gain my radiant attention.

Designer and expensive tall fetish pumps, lingerie, and gifts boy. Bring it all here and watch me take advantage of what belongs to me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ebony feet vixen

Known all over the world as Princess Simone, her fabulous ebony foot fetishes are pulling the boys in and keeping them extremely hooked! Vain in everything she does, your only function on this earth is to pamper and adore this sophisticated fetish femdom the best way you can. The black femdom is so excited in offering you foot fetish boys her amazing legs, soles and toes online web play that she is now venturing out in doing many projects for continued worship. I am so in a class by myself and as you can see the comments of many of my fans speak from their weak hearts and souls that Princess Simone is a true SpoiledBlackPrincess indeed. Is this your first time laying eyes a black fetish femdom who specializes in ebony foot fetishes along with male humiliation? Well you are not here by a mistake my pet as this unique African American & native Indian diva will put your tiny libido in a spin. Its all about spoiling me and more spoiling as I tend to enjoy being pampered in beautiful surrounds of green landscaping, fine art, wine, jazz, psychology and vintage collections.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wrinkled soles

There was a time I hated looking at my wrinkled feet. Why? I guess I got so caught up into thinking smooth was associated with perfection. The further and further I indulge in the art of foot fetish, there is a clearer realization that there is a massive array of bizarre fetishes that fans enjoy. Off subject but for example, browsing the internet, I stumbled into a bbw female who was very proud of her large stomach with stretchmarks and decided to sell them as video clips. Her face was happy and you could read "accept me for who I am, I do". She was absolutely beautiful. I mean for the first time of exposure, my ignorance about oversized women converted me to higher levels of consciousness. There actually are people around the globe who enjoy activities outside of a standard cultual concept. You know, skinny blonde hair blue eyes model type. Another situation about an Chinese celebrity name Lucy Liu, I love her freakles, as to where she explained on a talk host show, how in her country the "neck" is highly favorable opposed to boobs being the hottest idol worshiped in America. So to sum it all up, I have decided to expose every thing and all in my feet galleries. There is a youtube video I have uploaded and a foot fetish lover sent me an email stating that the black mole on the bottom of one of my sole appeared tasty to lick. As a matter of fact I have 2 of them. You can see one of them on the side of my foot in this pic. Little things just like this reveals the appeciation of thoes who admire with acceptance of oddities that others may reject. The black femdom fetish Princess Simone offers other parts of her world that you shall enjoy all locked inside her stable. Lets have fun!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Are you seeking black feet?

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